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Company Profile Our Working Ethos
Nissar Transformers Pvt. Ltd (NTPL) is an Indian based (ISO 9001) certified company. It specializes in the manufacture of a wide range of power & distribution transformers, from 63KVA to 25MVA of 132KV class. NTPL initiated into commercial production in 2007 & growing further. It is nurtured by professionals, technocrats with high profile & several years of experience in the field of design, manufacture of transformers. Our transformers are designed with the latest state-of-the-art technology where manufacturing is carried out by highly skilled technicians. The supervision of manufacturing & quality assurance is looked after by our qualified engineers with years of experience & through knowledge. NTPL is very stringent about the quality of the raw materials, material testing & procurement. The Quality Management team looks after the overall quality of the product. The production department follows strict work instructions, on-line production checks to maintain the quality during production. The Inspection Department keeps a vigil on the flow of quality product as per particular customer’s requirements. The Quality Assurance Department makes sure that the end use is fully satisfied. As per ISO norms the proper records of productions, quality control, quality assurance are maintained at appropriate & strategic check points. A battery of well trained & qualified Service Engineers is available at short notice to attend after sales service requirements at all times.